The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open


| Dirs. Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Kathleen Hepburn | Canada | Drama | 105 min | 2018 |

Two Indigenous women from vastly different backgrounds find their worlds colliding as one of them, Rosie, is fleeing a violent domestic attack. What begins as an urgent and terrifying escape, tentatively expands as the women weave a fragile bond in their short time together while navigating the complexities of motherhood and the ongoing legacy of colonialism.

Producers: Tyler Hagan, Lori Lozinski, Alan R. Milligan

Production Company: Experimental Forest Films / Violator Films / Oslo Pictures / Tannhauser Gate

Language: English

Stage of Development: Complete

Contact Person: Tyler Hagan,

Eating Up Easter


| Dir. Sergio M Rapu | U.S.A. / Chile | Documentary | 76 min | 2018 |

Native Rapanui (Easter Island) filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu narrates to his son the modern dilemma of their people who risk losing everything to the globalizing effects of tourism. The film follows four islanders, descendants of the ancient statue builders, who are working to tackle the consequences of their rapidly developing home. Mama Piru leads recycling efforts to reduce trash, Mahani and Enrique use music to reunite their divided community, and Sergio tries to understand the motivations of his father who embraces the advantages of building new businesses. These stories intertwine to reveal the complexities of development and the contradictions within us all as we are faced with hard choices about our planet’s future.

Stage of Development: Complete

Producers: Sergio M. Rapu, Elena Kouneski Rapu

Production Company: Mara Films, Kartemquin

Language: English, Spanish, Rapanui

Contact Person: Sergio M. Rapu,, +1-808-255-6100

Daughter of a Lost Bird

| Dir. Brooke Swaney | U.S.A. | Documentary | 60 min | 2019 |

DAUGHTER OF A LOST BIRD follows Kendra, an adult Native adoptee, as she reconnects with her birth family, discovers her Lummi heritage, and confronts issues of her own identity. Her singular story represents many affected by the Indian Child Welfare Act and Indian Adoption Project.

Stage of Development: Post-Production

Producers: Brooke Swaney, Kendra Mylnechuk, Jeri Rafter

Production Company: Same Land Film LLC   

Language: English

Contact Person: Brooke Swaney:

Alanngut Killinganni


| Dir. Malik Kleist | Greenland | Thriller/Horror | 90 min | 2020 |

When two tourists die mysteriously in the Greenlandic wilderness, police ignore rumors that mountain wanderers with supernatural powers could be the cause. But Tuuma, a local tourist guide, decides to see for himself. Taking a small team, he goes deep into the fjords where he's always been told never to go...

Alanngut Killinganni (Edge of Shadows) is Malik Kleist's third feature, and the long awaited follow-up to Qaqqat Alanngui (The Shadows of the Mountains) - the highest-grossing film in Greenland's history.

Production Company: PaniNoir
Producer: Nina Paninnguaq Skydsbjerg Jacobsen / Jørgen Chemnitz
Stage of Development: Production

Contact Person: Nina Paninnguaq Skydsbjerg Jacobsen:



| Dir. Dustin Feneley | New Zealand | Drama | 104 min | 2018 |

Two damaged strangers fall into a complex intimate relationship in Dustin Feneley’s beautiful and compelling debut feature film, set against the backdrop of the breathtaking Southern Alps.

Jack, a young man on parole for grievous bodily harm, holes up in a cabin in the mountains, close to the scene of the crime. Locked away in a prison of his own making, Jack one evening encounters Grace, far from her homeland and seeking refuge. Grace’s own private struggles linger beneath her attraction to Jack. These enigmatic strangers drift into a relationship that promises to either hurt or heal.

Stage of Development: Complete

Producers: Desray Armstrong & Dustin Feneley

Language: English

Contact Person: Desray Armstrong:



| Dir. Adrian Russell Wills | Australia | Drama | 120 min | In Development |

Ruby Rose, a promiscuous Indigenous transwoman, is forced to leave her hometown in fear of her own safety after she is betrayed by her first love. Alone in the city Ruby finds her situation desperate and is struggling to survive when one night seeking shelter in a diner, her eyes meet with the handsome stranger, Cowboy. After spending an incredible night together an intense romance is forged.  Ruby hitches her way in search of Cowboy, it seems she has found it all, someone who loves her. That is, until one morning Ruby wakes up in her very own nightmare finding the man she loves is a brutal monster. Set in Western Australia in 1984, Ginderella is a deeply moving coming of age story that explores the power of courage, resilience and hope showing us all what it means to understand your true worth.

Stage of Development: 4th Draft

Producer: Gillian Moody

Co-Producers: David Jowsey, Greer Simpkin (Bunya Productions)

Production Company: Kalori Productions

Language: English

Contact Person: Gillian Moody  m. +61 428 694 940 e.



| Dir. Per-Josef Idivuoma, Emil Juuso | Documentary | 60 min | Norway/Sweden | 2019 |

The story is about a poet and musician that comes from a traditional Sámi reindeer-herding family, but dreamed of becoming a rock star. He was in a band, he had the girl, they had a tour bus and a packed tour schedule, tailor-made stage-outfits and devoted fans. But suddenly he quit the band, the tour bus was parked out in the woods, and he left the stage for good. The few songs he recorded over time became Sámi classics and are frequently played on the radio. 30 years later he agrees to do one last concert.

Status: Pre-Production

Language: North Sámi, Swedish, Finnish (English subtitles)

Director: Per- Josef Idivuoma, Emil Juuso

Producer: Lisa Marie Kristensen

Production company: Dávas film, Idi Studios

Contact: Lisa Marie Kristensen: