Toyon kyyl (The Lord Eagle)


| Dir. Eduard Novikov | Drama | Russia, Sakha | 80 min | 2018 |

An old man and his wife live their days in the thick taiga (forest). Early in the winter, an eagle flies into their garden. The old people dare not drive it away because eagles are sacred. From then on, the people and the bird start their life together in one house. Winner of the Best Dramatic Feature award at imagineNATIVE 2018.

Stage of Development: Complete

Producer: Dmitrii Shadrin

Production Company:  “Sakhafilm” State National Company

Contact Person - Sardana Savvina:


Min urduber kyun khahan da kiirbet (The Sun Above Me Never Sets)


| Dir. Liubov Borisova | Drama/Comedy | 108 min | Russia, Sakha | 2019 |

Altan gets a job on a desolate island, but it turns out that he has a neighbor – elderly Baibal, who asks the boy to bury him near his wife’s grave. Every day, Altan does everything to make the old man look forward to living another beautiful day...

Stage of Development: Post-Production (complete March 2019)

Producer: Dmitrii Shadrin

Production Company:  Sakhafilm State National Company

Contact Person: Sardana Savvina, Producer:  


The Siida Keepers (working title)


| Dir. Sara Margrethe Oskal | Drama | Norway | 90 min | 2019 |

Visual artist Lena returns to her Sami hometown with her young son to develop a new project. She falls deeply in love with reindeer herder Mahtte and the pain she has felt after being forced to give up her herding lifestyle is brought to the surface. Mahtte´s mother Garen fears for her son’s herding future and does everything to stop him from marrying Lena. Lena and Mahtte must re-consider who they’ll stay loyal to- their heritage or their love for one another.

Producer: Mona J. Hoel
Production Company: Freedom From Fear A/S
Language: North Sámi (English subtitles)
Stage of Development: Pre-production
Contact Person: Sunna Nousuniemi:

Production February-March 2020
Post-production April-August 2020
Premier August/September 2020



Raven Girl.jpg

| Dir. Frederik Nørlum and Konrad Nuka Godtfredsen | Animation | Greenland/Denmark/Canada |

| 90 min | 2020 |

In a small Greenlandic village, 12-year old Maliina is torn between her grandfather's shamanistic traditions and her mother's modern-day ambition. But when a giant construction project threatens her community, and the fish disappear, Maliina is forced to take action. Under her grandfather's guidance, Maliina embarks on a dangerous journey to find the only person who might help: The Mother of the Sea!

Set in modern-day Greenland but capturing the mythology of the Arctic, RAVEN GIRL AND THE MOTHER OF THE SEA invites you to a wild and fascinating world of adventure, fantastic creatures and untamed nature.

Production Company: Angel Films A/S and Nørlum

Co-producers: Taqqut Productions

Producers: Peter Sølvsten Thomsen, Poul Erik Lindeborg and Frederik Nørlum

Language: Greenlandic, dubbed in multiple languages

Contact Person: Emile Peronard:


Merata - How Mum Decolonized The Screen

| Dir. Hepi Meta | New Zealand | Documentary |         | 2018 |

The sudden death of pioneering Māori filmmaker Merata Mita (the first Māori woman to write and direct a narrative feature) in 2010 led her son on a journey to uncover his mother’s love: a love that changed the landscape of Indigenous participation in film forever. Mita was an international hero but considered a domestic nuisance - during her incredible journey of highlighting Māori voices through her global work with the BBC, National Geographic, directing on Hollywood sets and more, she also had to balance caring for and protecting her family. Featuring never before seen footage and deeply personal accounts of Merata’s trailblazing from Indigenous filmmakers like Warwick Thornton, Taika Waititi, Sterlin Harjo, and Zoe Hopkins, this film is an important account of an historical movement that we owe our Indigenous voices to.

Stage of Development: Complete

Producer: Chelsea Win-Stanley

Language: English

Contact: Producer, Chelsea Win-Stanley: t. +1 3235367024

Director, Hepi Meta: t. +64 275174505